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Social bookmarkingSocial bookmarking

The purpose of this article is to show you what social bookmarking is and how it can drive traffic if your bookmarks get promoted and become popular.

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Another popular link building strategy is to social bookmark your website's pages on bookmarking sites.

Primarily this method is to allow you to keep links to all your favourite websites, or your websites in one place and share them with people. If your updates articles are interesting then the social masses will make that known!

Bookmark voting

Some social bookmarking sites also have bookmark voting that allows users that stumble across your bookmarks to recommend them to other users.

The more recommends a bookmark gets, the more visible it becomes on the bookmarking site, leading to a possible shed load of visits to your site as well!

An example of how Digg's bookmark voting looks.

Digg bookmark voting

As you can image, SEOers promote their websites quite religiously on these types of sites but on a larger scale across many bookmarking sites.

A small list of social bookmarking sites that you can use are listed below:

Automated bookmarking

If you want to update multiple bookmarking sites at the same time then there are many tools out there that can do that for you. In my opinion, the best 2 are shown below:

Read the full article on Content Dissemination here if you're looking to post to multiple accounts and setup automated updates too.

Bookmarking apps

To help allow your visitors to bookmark your pages, there are various apps out there that you can embed into your websites. This allows anyone with a social media account to quickly bookmark your pages for future reference and give you an all important link also.

Some examples of bookmarking apps that you might like to use in your websites are listed below.

Be warned though, all these types of apps and plugins will slow your website down. See the Page Speed article for more information on this.

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